GRAMPS 3.3.0

Open source family tree mapping tool


  • Free to use genealogy software
  • Takes you step by step
  • Data can be exported


  • Painstaking to fill in fields for all members
  • Doesn't allow you to search or find online family members


Many genealogy or family mapping tools come at a price on involve expensive subscriptions to sites that promise to reveal who your Great Granddad was in 1508.

GRAMPS is a completely free tool however that helps you track your family tree. It allows you to store, edit, and research genealogical data and provides all of the functions you'd expect in a professional program. GRAMPS is extremely flexible allowing you to rearrange and manipulate all data events in the data base.

GRAMPS takes you through the mapping process step by step. First, it requires you to fill in the basics such as name, sex and date of birth are among the standard information. If you want to make it look more attractive, you can add photos, videos and link to external sites for more info on each individual member. GRAMPS can also create time-lines of your family's evolution and even create calendars of the most important events. You can export all of this data to PDF, SVG and ODT format which could be printed and made into a unique present or gift for a loved one.

If you're interested to learn more about your family tree, GRAMPS can help you compile one easily and it won't cost a penny.



GRAMPS 3.3.0

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